Services & Programs

We pride ourselves on being flexible and attentive to all our residents’ needs. Whatever service is necessary that is not provided in-house can be made available to any resident. If transport is required, there is no additional charge for it. We do, however, try to arrange for the service provider to come to us whenever possible, if travel is disconcerting to the resident.

    Our staff are all fully-trained and alert to the slightest changes in our residents, to ensure that we are always on top of any developing situation. Prescribed exercise routines, necessary personal care, special medical and dietary needs, medications—all are part of our routine daily care. Additional services are included as needed at no additional charge beyond what outside fees may be required by the source.

    Residents have availed themselves of all sorts of physical, speech, occupational, and other rehabilitative therapies. Middlebury has several excellent optometrists and opticians, dentists, and there is, of course, Porter Hospital itself. Residents also make good use of various senior-oriented soical programs available in the area. Again there is no additional transport or other fee from Shard Villa; some programs have no charges, others have fees which are billed.

    We accept all insurances, and do our very best to keep expenses low. Our mission is to provide care, not get rich! Because of that you’ll find our rates more than competitive, especially in light of the amount of attention we focus on each resident and the excellent quality of care and comfort we provide.

Seasonal country drives and trips are always special events! We've gone to farmers markets, cider mills, festivals in our own and other neighboring towns, theaters (live and movies); taken bus trips, and cruises on Lake Champlain; agricultural fairs, local farm stands; trips to historic sites, and many more.

We also love to celebrate the holidays and our birthdays! Family members often join us for holiday meals and festivities. Family is always encouraged to join us at any time for a visit and more than welcome to stay for a meal.




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