Respite Care is a particularly important service we can offer to in-home care-givers of the elderly. Full-time care at home is often the preferred, and best, choice, but the stress and pressure can at times be overwhelming.

    To that end, we provide short-term care here at the mansion when family needs some time to regenerate and be able to refocus on themselves for a bit. We all need to pay attention to ourselves so that our care can be the best for those we love. Here at the mansion, we are part of a team. Care-givers, alone at home, usually do not have that same “team support” available. We can do this for you.

   Once we establish a relationship with you and the person you’re caring for, we become a team and help support you in your efforts. If you need a day, a weekend, a week, or longer, we’re here for you. If you need a friendly ear between visits, you’ve got our number...use it!

    We’re here whenever you need us. We’re all focused on the goal of providing the best care possible for those who need us, and that includes the often over-looked care-giver most of all.

   All services available to full-time residents are available to respite visitors, arrangements can be made for special attendants to provide services here so your loved one is in contact with familiar faces.

  Time for one’s self is vital, we know this from our own experience—that’s why we take vacations! Don’t neglect your needs, both you and the person you are caring for will suffer for it. Call and let’s talk about how we can assist you and give you a chance to recoup.


Deb Choma, RN, Administrator



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