An elegant French Restoration mansion with acres of surrounding fields provides the main Shard Villa facility. The mansion was begun in 1872. In 1918 it became a home for local women in need of shelter, and by the 1960’s the doors were open to all seniors who were no longer able to live independently.

    The main part of the mansion consists of 3 floors, the upper two reserved for tours and use by the Columbus Smith Estate Trust’s Board of Trustees. The first floor, although a part of the tours, houses the main office, kitchen and dining areas, and several parlors used by the residents.

    The addition built on the west side of the mansion in 1922, houses private bedrooms, residents’ parlors, baths, and private nooks.There are large porches at the west end for each floor, with access to the grounds. Each bedroom has its own private bath, cable TV, phone, and can be decorated as its occupant wishes. Prior to moving in, we will discuss paint options, furniture, etc., with you. Personal beds, chairs, small tables, bureaus, lamps, pictures and nick-nacks may be brought along if desired. Pets as well (within reason!). We have a couple of resident cats and have, over the years housed other lap-size dogs and cats, plus birds, fish, and so on. Pets are too important in people’s lives to mandate they be given up just because one moves. Obviously, all must get along and be pleasant tempered and with good house manners. Talk with us about it.

    All food is prepared in our own kitchen, special diets are not an issue. Resident input is welcome and the refrigerator is open for snacks at all hours (unless against doctor orders!). Seasonal vegetables are grown here in our gardens, as are the flowers which we love to have in all the rooms.

   Shard Villa is a short 4-mile drive to Middlebury, with its wealth of activities, medical services, and other amenities. We are pretty much equidistant beween Burlington and Rutland. Middlebury is our prime source of services; Middlebury ambulance and First Response provides almost instantaneous assistance when called, Porter Hospital is an excellent, small facility with state-of-the-art euipment, skilled doctors and dedicated nurses. You could not hope to find a better facility and when something larger or more specialized is needed, transport is quickly arranged via ambulance or medical-air to Fletcher Allen, a major trauma facility.




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