• How many residents can Shard Villa take in?
    Our optimum is 15 full-time residents. We also take in shorter-term guests who are recuperating after a hospital stay; or those whose regular care-givers need to be away, necessitating respite care.
  • What personal and medical care is provided?
    Residents receive whatever medical and/or personal care they require. We are in close 24-hr contact with our residents and stay alert for the smallest changes, ensuring timely response.
  • Can my mother bring her pet(s)?
    In most cases, yes. We have had many personal pets over the years—birds, fish,cats, dogs—and we currently have 2 house cats in residence. The decision is made on a case-by-case basis, the main criteria being the friendliness and house-training of the pet, and the care it requires. Pets contribute hugely to emotional stability and calmness, and fretting over a loved pet’s care does great harm. We encourage the former and do our best to mitigate the latter.
  • What personal furniture can be brought?
    Bedrooms can be furnished entirely with one’s own possessions or we can supply whatever is needed. Additionally, the rooms can be painted or wallpapered with the resident’s choice of paper/colors prior to moving possessions in. Other furniture, musical instruments, artwork, etc are discussed on a case-by-case basis. It is important for residents to be surrounded by familiar, loved items whenever possible.
  • What activities are in place for residents?
    On-site activities include exercise programs to maintain and improve bone strength and muscle-tone; gardening options, walks, music, croquette. Off-site activities include swimming, movies, museums, foliage tours, boat tours, town festivities. We will arrange for residents to access any activity that inspires them, within a reasonable driving distance (e.g. Middlebury, Burlington, Rutland, Castleton, even Montpelier). There are many activity options available through the area’s colleges and sports centers, as well as through privately-owned public venues (e.g. Lake cruises, movies, theatricals). We will make arrangements for any individual or group of residents who express an interest in any activity.
  • What are the “hidden” charges, for example: transport to medical visits or entertainment?
    There are none. The residential rate covers all charges other than additional fees charged by off-site providers, entrance fees to museums, movies, etc, or off-site meals. All of this is thoroughly discussed prior to moving in and we will work out notification procedures so there will be no surprises. There is no additional charge for Villa-provided transportation; any activity fees are just what the vendor sets, if any.
  • Do you accept insurance? Medicare?
    Yes. Be sure this is part of your discussion with our Administrator.
  • I heard Shard Villa was closed?
    Not at all! We’ve weathered some tough times, and the previous board considered the option of closing the Villa. Now, however, with a new Board, new energy, new residents, we’re looking ahead with some great plans.



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